Mallaskellari spoilage prevent event!

As everyone probably know, there are restaurant restrictions coming up. That means that also Mallaskellari will be closed 8.-28.3.2021. Obviously that may change, who knows.

But the thing is that we have a lot of beer that definitely should be drinked. It is not in anyone’s interest if the beers expire and we need to pour them down the drain, is it? That’d be grim. So that’s why we want to invite you to

Mallaskellari spoilage prevent event!

From Wednesday to Sunday ( 3.-7.3.) all tap beers cost only 6,5€ per 0,4l pint. Also some other discounts available!

Let’s enjoy those tap craft beers while we can!

Mallaskellari is open:

  • Wed, Thu and Sun 16-23
  • Fri and Sat 14-23