Olarin panimo tap takeover

Olarin Panimo (Olari Brewery), rated as the best brewery in Finland by Untappd users come to Oulu to take over Mallaskellari beer taps on 22.-24.2.2019. The guys from Espoo are bringing along some of Finlands finest IPAs, lagers and other quality beers. There will be also a couple of brand new beers!

Olarin panimo – what the hell is that?

Olarin panimo and its beers might be unknown to many in Oulu. Those who know a little of capital region of Finland: Olari is a fine and pictoresque suburb of city of Espoo.

There are heaps of acticity possibilities in Olari and drinking beer is one of them. Three local fellows got so deep into this hobby in 2015 that they decided to start selling beers to other people as well.


The motto of the Olarin panimo is OOO, “olarilaisuus, onnellisuus, olut” which one might translate loosely to BBB. “Being Olari-dweller, Bliss, Beer” The main goal has been “to make f**king easy drinkable beers quality brewski with suburb vibes”. That meaning Finnish-style beers for Finnish public.

It all started from a garage but soon enough they found it too small. Brewery was moved to new premises in Otaniemi in the end of 2017. Lately new brewery equipment was acquired to respond for growing demand of quality beers with larger production capacity.

Olarin Panimo Tap Takeover in Mallaskellari 22.-24.2.2019 – Welcome!