The least we can do is to give options for everyone and let them decide if they want to drink an IPA or a Pilsner or a barrel aged oatmeal stout with habanero chili.” – Bence, founder, Mallaskellari.

There is a bigger value on craft beers than meets the eye: huge variety of different beer styles and flavours make sure that everyone can find their favourite.

Hungarian brewmaster Bence got fed up of his position in a small brewery in Budapest a couple of years ago. Hours were long and there was difficulties with salary payments. A few years earlier he had been an Erasmus exchange student in Oulu and grew to like the city. After a call to an old friend he had arranged a job for himself and moving to Oulu was agreed quickly. He hasn’t missed Hungary that much, but there is one thing that has been bugging him since day one he has lived in Oulu and Finland. The beer culture is quite a bit different than back in Budapest. It is still challenging to find special beers at bars as the large breweries are controlling beer taps. There are many independent wineries and distilleries in several countries, selling many different kinds of products. But in the beer industry five breweries control more than half of the world’s total beer production, focusing mostly on one beer type.

Bence was given an opportunity to make a difference on this matter. Mallaskellari was born, a pub focusing on craft beers. 16 taps was installed and the selection changes daily. The motto  “We have the beers that others don’t” might sound a tad aggressive at first, but it’s meant to underline the selection of the pub. There are some good beer pubs in Oulu with a nice special beer selection on tap. However there are so many more great beers out there. Mallaskellari’s idea is to give a chance as well to those beers overlooked by other bars.

Mallaskellari will not sell only products made by outside breweries. There are now and then also beers that are made with Bence’s own recipes on tap.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy craft beers in Mallaskellari