Pub quiz begins!

A pub quiz takes place on Mondays, but it’s a bit different one

Mallaskellari pub quiz starts on Monday 2nd of March at 7 pm. But it is not an old school quiz with pen and paper. The quiz is done with Kahoot platform in a bit more digital way. To make things more interesting, answering time is limited and there are bonus points for quick answers.

Quizzes take place in every other week in Finnish and English. Of course the questions are different, so you can participate in all of them if you want. (And understand both languages.)

Host of the Finnish version is Janne and theme is everything. No special topics or such, just everything. General knowledge is golden.

English version is hosted by Oulu Rugby Club guys. It also themed as general knowledge but it has a bit more sports related edge to it. The first English quiz takes place on 9th of March.

Note that the amount of participants is limited, so make sure you come well in time.

This it how it works:

Before the quiz:

  • Set up a team of 1-4 players.
  • Bring a smart phone or a tablet computer. Make sure that battery is topped up. One per team.
  • There is an URL address on Mallaskellari screen. Navigate there.
  • Input pin code. It’s also on the screen.
  • Input team name.

During the quiz:

  • Questions appear to the screen.
  • Choose correct answer on your phone/tablet.
  • There are three 20 min periods. In between there’s plenty of time to pick up some drinks.
  • Answer well and quickly to win. Obviously there is a prize for the best team!

After the quiz:

  • Get some drinks from the bar.
  • Repeat previous as many times as necessary.