Pub Quiz Continues!

Quizzes every Monday

Due to no-need-to-mention-why-obvious reasons Mallaskellari quiz was paused in last spring. But now it’s back, starting on Monday, October 5th! Things go on pretty much the same way as in spring, there is a quiz every Monday at 7 pm. Janne and Oulu Rugby Club guys alternate as hosts every other week. Janne’s quizzes are in Finnish, ORC will do them in English. There are total of 10 quizzes in autumn, last one on December 7th.

Quizzes are played with Kahoot platform, teams participate using their smart phones or tablets. Kahoot brings a little extra twist to the game, as not only correct answers give points, but also speed and streaks are rewarded. Anything can happen!

There’s also a little add-on feature in autumns quizzes: we count and save the points of single quizzes. Top teams are then invited to gigantic grand final on 14.12.2020! Of course the best teams of each quiz are rewarded, but the grand final will tell who’s actually who and the prizes are phenomenal too!

Welcome to MaKe Quiz!

Here’s some info how this thing works.

Before the quiz:

  • Set up a team of 1-4 players.
  • Bring a smart phone or a tablet computer. Make sure that battery is topped up. One per team.
  • There is an URL address on Mallaskellari screen. Navigate there.
  • Input pin code. It’s also on the screen.
  • Input team name.

During the quiz:

  • Questions appear to the screen.
  • Choose correct answer on your phone/tablet.
  • There are three 20 min periods. In between there’s plenty of time to pick up some drinks.
  • Answer well and quickly to win. Prizes for the best teams!

After the quiz:

  • Get some drinks from the bar.
  • Repeat previous as many times as necessary.
  • Come back every week and obtain invitation to the Grand Final!