Take away beers from Pub Mallaskellari Oulu

It is a widely acknowledged fact that beer in a bag (or pussikalia as we say in Finland) is one of the biggest innovations humankind has ever come up with. Taking it easy with your friends, sitting on lawn sipping on your cold beer or two when the sun is shining. But you know, your beer doesn’t have to be that mediocre bulk lager from corner shop.

So come on and check out what’s in Mallaskellari fridge today and pick your favourite brews to go. We have, as you might have guessed, nice variety of different craft beers along with some other delicious beverages. Selection is updated pretty much daily, you can check out the real time situation here. Everything is sold with cheap take away  prices. For purchases over 30€ we throw in a very fashonable Mallaskellari canvas bag for you! You can also buy the bags separately, 5€ a piece.

The next best thing after take away beer is patiokalia (for those who don’t speak oulu, it translates as “beer that is drinked on a restaurant terrace”) and also that you can do at Mallaskellari. Our beer terrace is open according to weather conditions throughout whole summer. An by the way, there are taps outside so you don’t have get in at all if you don’t want to. Except of course there is something you specially want in taps downstairs.

Welcome to summer of Pub Mallaskellari Oulu!