The Best Gift Ideas of 2020 á la Mallaskellari

The correct way to gift people

If I did not completely misunderstand, it’s Fathers Day in Finland next Sunday. Also, Christmas isn’t too far away, I believe. Christmas parties coming along too. So one needs gifts. Stuff to give to people, I mean. Obviously the easiest way out is to give cash. ”Go buy something nice.” But come on, don’t go there. It’s a bit lame. But fortunately we have some unlame options in Make:

  • Mallaskellari’s Fathers Day six pack. Six beers of your choice from Finnish craft beer breweries. Can’t beat that, huh? Basic set is only 30€, but as we strongly believe in free will, you can choose more special beers from our selection as well for some extra money. (By the way, 4 x 6 equals The Coolest Advent Calendar In The World!) You can check out our current selection here.
  • Mallaskellari gift vouchers. Let the giftee choose the beers. It’s a win-win, you don’t have to figure out what they like, but also they like you even more and get to drink what ever they feel like.
  • Mallaskellari t-shirts and woolly hats. The choice of the trendy ones! French Vogue awarded them as ”The best design in 2020”. (Or would have, if those ignorants knew what Mallaskellari is dealing with haute couture.) Usually one has to be reeeallly careful with soft gifts, but these actually make people happy.

So what are you waiting for, swing by Mallaskellari and pick up the coolest gifts of 2020!