Towards the holidays with Make Six-pack

Sixsome of Mallaskellari beers now for sale!

We have a pretty cool set of beers for you! We took six awesome beers of our own production and combined them into a six-pack. A wonderful gift for a beer lover or for celebrating the holidays. Or go ahead, and sip away as you like, no restrictions apply really.

These are available only at Pub Mallaskellari. It is a limited edition, so you better hurry. Price for the six-pack is only 27€.

(Please remember that Finnish law allows alcohol sales for take away only until 9 pm, so make sure you come for your six-pack shopping before that.)

The sixpack includes:

Horchata Milk Stout

One of our favourite soft drink is the Mexican version of horchata, a creamy and cold ricey drink. That is what we recreated in this stout with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

Midwest Land IPA

This is how we imagine the merge of the east and the west. Brings fruitness from New England but shows clearness and bitterness of the West Coast.

Razzledazzle Sour Ale

Herbs and fruits again! One of our favourite herb, basil, was the winner of the pairing with white peach and raspberry for this sour ale. Both fresh but complex in taste and aroma.

Waters of Elysium Dry Hopped Lager

Make lager the new IPA? No, but we can still dry hop it to make a fruity and clear lager.

Pamplegoose Pink Grapefruit Gose

Smooth, sour and fruity. That’s the way to describe our new gose with texas pink grapefruits, fresh coriander seeds and salt. Soured with our favourite kefir culture.

Pearitee Black Tea Pear Ale

We love tea. We love beer too. Pears as well. Now we try to show you them together! Ceylon black tea, pear from Provence and beer from Oulu ended up as a fruity teaish ale, just as we imagined.

Not enough?

If you would like to buy some other beers too, we have lots of different craft beers available for take away. Also make shirts and woolly hats are great addition to your gift sock, as well obviously our gift vouchers!

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