Winter came in June – Lumi Brewing at Pub Mallaskellari Oulu

Winter came to Rotuaari and Pub Mallaskellari already in June when Lumi Brewing travelled all the way from Espoo and took over the taps last weekend. Guys brought some new and old craft beer delicacies. Even though 10 taps were reserved only for Lumi (that is by the way ”snow” in Finnish in case you’re wondering), the only cold ’uns were found in pint glasses.

As the weather was so nice, the good people of the brewery also hung out with Mallaskellari customers in our street terrace. Many kinds of craft beers were tasted both indoors and outdoors. New sours, IPAs and dark beers were served along older favourites. Also a pub quiz took place and that turned out to be hugely popular. All in all, such an awesome weekend we had!

Actually we started thinking that maybe we should make a habit out of this quiz thingy. Let’s see, stay tuned to hear first what we come up with!