Zichovec from Czech Republic to take over our taps

Have you met Anna before? She is our assistant brewer from Czech Republic! She has been living in Oulu for almost a year now and she has been eager ever since to show us where she got her passion for craft beers.

The backstory: during a pleasant evening spent in Pien Brewpub, she was trying to persuade Erkki from Pien, that yes, there are some crazy NEIPAs and fruity sours in the land of Pilsner as well. And you know what? She had a contact for one of the breweries.

Couple weeks passed. Erkki just couldn´t stop thinking about those fruity NEIPAs…

And the result is: Tap Takeover booked for 16-17.10.2020 by Zichovec brewery.Come and enjoy these fresh brews, imported by Pien Distribution! Meet Anna and get some info on the brewery, some stories about the beers and about how the beer scene looks like in her home country.


  •  Hotline 7,0% American IPA
  •  Sour Passion Fruit 5,1% Fruited Sour w/ Passion Fruit
  •  Mosaic Ale 5,1% Pale Ale w/ Mosaic
  •  Upside Down 5,2% NEIPA w/ Mosaic & Amarillo
  •  Robin 5,1% Pale Ale w/ Citra & Simcoe
  •  Nectar Of Happiness 7,0% NEIPA w/ Secret Hops!
  •  Session Juicy Lucy 5,5% NEIPA w/ Citra & Mosaic
  •  Mango Sticky Rice 7,0% NEIPA w/ Rice, Mango, Coconut & Lactose